5 great tips to lose weight fast


 Simple and original advice to make a difference!

Losing weight takes time and diligence. If you apply the right principles, it is not impossible to lose 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, or more. However, there are some basic rules to achieve your goal, such as a low-calorie diet combined with exercise to increase energy expenditure. Today, we decide to go further by offering you 5 amazing tips to lose weight. These are tips that are as original as they are effective to refine your silhouette.

5 great tips to lose weight fast

Tip # 1: eat 5 meals a day to lose weight

This advice may seem surprising, and yet it has proven to work. Eating 3 meals a day is practical on a daily basis but does not seem ideal for our body.

Whether it is to gain weight or to lose it, we advise you to split your food intake. This improves the assimilation of food and will avoid arriving hungry in front of your plate.

Concretely, it is obviously not a question of eating more, but simply by dividing up your meals. For example, if you need to consume 1500 kcal per day, we encourage you to set up three meals of about 400 kcal each (morning, noon, and evening), while incorporating two snacks of 150 kcal each, at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. H.

The curves can be associated with our energy reserves. By consuming 3 meals a day, you increase the risk of mid-morning and mid-afternoon cravings. Thanks to 5 food intakes, you can lose weight without constantly having this feeling of hunger. You should know that the more hungry you are near a meal, the more you increase the chances of overeating to meet your needs, not to mention snacking.

It is therefore not really a question of having “5 meals a day” strictly speaking, but rather 3 meals + 2 snacks. The snacks will take the form of one or two fruits, a slice of turkey breast, or even a few cashews. This 4 p.m.Snack is also important if you play sports. It allows you not to go training on an empty stomach so you have enough energy to perform productive workouts.

Tip # 2: doesn't go on a diet!

Are you on your umpteenth diet and your waistline hasn't changed? Your weight is playing yoyo? It's normal. The vast majority of people who lost weight thanks to a diet regained the pounds lost shortly after. 

The explanation is simple: a diet involves food restriction, a feeling of frustration. For example, during your diet, you are not allowed to eat bread, chocolate, sauce, pastries, etc. If you are mentally strong, you succeed, which allows you to lose weight quickly. However, according to the expression, 'drive out the natural, it comes back at a gallop'. This results in a resumption of bad habits once the diet is over! Our trick is therefore to stop believing in the diet and turn to a food rebalancing.

Food rebalancing is based on a gradual but lasting change in your eating habits. Concretely, you must learn to eat better throughout your life. There is no end date! There is therefore an obvious advantage for your physical and mental health, but also for your figure. If you love chocolate, eat it! This is not a problem. On the other hand, then, it will be necessary to think about rebalancing the balance the rest of the day by consuming fewer carbohydrates or lipids at the next meal. The objective is therefore to eat better, without frustration by learning to rebalance your diet according to the differences or the small pleasures consumed.

Tip # 3: Eat Slowly To Lose Weight

Eating slowly helps you lose weight while improving your health. Indeed, the fact of eating slowly, that is to say at least for 20 minutes, leaving enough time between each bite, allows the feeling of satiety to emanate from our brain. Added to this is improved chewing of food which facilitates absorption and digestion.

Eating spicy food is also a great way to lose weight. Spices such as curry, cayenne pepper, turmeric, or cinnamon can increase basal metabolism. As a flavor enhancer, spices help limit the consumption of salt or oil in our dishes, which is fully beneficial for our health.

Finally, drinking green tea regularly helps reduce your water retention and at the same time refine your figure.

Tip # 4: Get more sleep or take naps!

Getting enough sleep makes you lose weight, or rather prevents you from putting on weight, according to the American scientific study carried out by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine .

Sleeping less than 7 hours per night would induce a hormonal imbalance favorable weight gain. Leptin is one of the culprits. Fatigue involves a drop in this hormone, linked to satiety, which encourages snacking. Ghrelin, on the other hand, would tend to increase with fatigue, thus further stimulating the appetite of little sleepers.

To refine your figure, we, therefore, encourage you to go to bed earlier to achieve full nights or failing that, to give yourself a few naps.

Tip # 5: Use Technology

Some smartphone applications can be of great help in helping you lose weight

We can no longer count the hours spent on the screens and especially on our phones. Today, this investment could prove useful. Indeed, our smartphones contain crazy applications, even useless and others rather essential.

In conclusion

There are some amazing tips to help you lose weight. Remember that weight loss must be sustained over time to be effective and avoid the yoyo effect. The goal is to gradually change your habits so that they become sustainable.