covid 19: what medical follow-up for my baby?

In this unprecedented period, your child's paediatrician is surely doing everything possible to remain available by phone. Call your child's doctor at the slightest worry, at the slightest question.

Will be received by the firm in face-to-face consultation under strict conditions of barrier measures

  • Maternity discharge examination in case of early discharge
  • Examination of the newborn at 8-10 days
  • Any consultation for newborns, whatever the reason
  • The 1st monthly exam
  • Examinations with vaccination: 2 months / 4 months / 5 months /11 months / 12 months / 16 months

Note that you should never go to the office without first making an appointment by phone.

covid 19: what medical follow-up for my baby?

Will be received by teleconsultation, followed or not by a face-to-face consultation according to the doctor's opinion

  • Any acute condition (fever, cough, pain, rash...)
  • Any chronic pathology in need of control or renewal of treatment
  • Any behavioral or psychological problems
  • Any advice on nutrition, parenting etc.

At the end of the teleconsultation, your child's doctor can offer you an appointment at the office.

It Will be postponed after the lockdown

  • Monthly follow-up visits without vaccination, regardless of the child's age
  • Vaccine boosters after 2 years

Steps to take to consult at the firm

  • Carry your travel certificate, medical appointment
  • Present yourself alone with only one child
  • Bring the bare minimum of material
  • Arrive just on time, not early and wait outside if possible
  • Disinfect your hands with hydroalcoholic gel
  • Do not touch anything (door handles, seats...)
  • Follow the doctor's instructions to undress the child and handle objects (health record and vaccines, carte Vitale...)
  • Tell the doctor if anyone close to me is sick