Vegetarian burger with guacamole

 The vegetarian burger can of course be devoured by all. Even if you love meat, discover a nice alternative to it by learning to consume differently, because beef production has a real impact on the planet. In addition, this burger is so tasty that it would be a shame not to taste it! Guacamole and fresh cheese bring a real asset, so quickly, to the stove!

Vegetarian burger with guacamole


  • 2 sweet potato burger buns
  • 2 quinoa patties with vegetables
  • Guacamole
  • Some vegetables (radishes, tomatoes, spinach shoots, cucumber)
  • 100 g fresh kinds of cheese

The steps:

1. First, make the sweet potato burger bread following this recipe. You can make it the day before if you want to get ahead.

2. Then you can make the vegetable quinoa patties by following this recipe. Bake them just before serving the burger so that they are hot, otherwise, fry them for a few more minutes in the pan before the burger is assembled.

3. Now, move on to making guacamole using this recipe. Keep it cool while the rest cooks.

4. Rinse and cut into thin slices the vegetables, except the spinach shoots of course.

5. When your bread is hot or warm, proceed with the assembly. Spread a little fresh cheese on the bottom bread and then place the quinoa cake on top. Then add fresh cheese again, install the vegetables on top and then finish with the guacamole. Close your burger with the remaining bread.

You can accompany your vegetarian burger with fries!