Yoga: vinyasia, bikram, iyengar... Which one to choose?


 Yoga is an ancestral technique that wants us well. What kind of yoga is right for me? What are its benefits? Postures, exercises... You will know everything about this wellness practice.

Yoga: vinyasia, bikram, iyengar... Which one to choose?

Yoga, born in India several millennia ago, is practiced by more than 2.8 million people in France. This philosophy of life that is more and more emulated consists of performing a set of postures and breathing exercises to acquire physical and mental well-being.  There are no contraindications. It is enough to adapt the exercises according to his state of health. Open your chakras wide to discover the different types of yoga.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Practicing yoga is ideal for the body and mind. In addition to improving breath and breathing, it helps to reduce stress and see life in a more serene way. It allows you to be more connected to the present moment and to work on concentration. If practiced regularly, it develops the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles. Obviously, some sequences and postures offer real muscle strengthening for a gradual weight loss but in the long term.

What yoga postures to start with?

  • The lotus posture: sitting, folding your legs in lotus or suit. Stand upright and then join your hands in front of your chest before placing them on your lap.
  • The posture of the tree: standing, fix a point in front of you. Anchor one leg on the ground. The other leg bends while the sole of the foot is positioned on the inner side of the opposite thigh. 
  • The child's posture: on all fours, lower your hips towards your heels and ankles and then release your arms to the ground, palms towards the sky.
  • The warrior posture: standing, spread the right leg to the side and rotate the foot 45°. The other foot does not move. Stretch them out at shoulder level, then bend your right knee as if you were going to make a slit. The gaze is in the distance.
  • The Sun Salutation is one of the most well-known exercises. It combines 12 asanas (postures) and should be practiced 8 to 12 times a day.

What type of yoga to choose?

Yoga is trendy. Whether you are a beginner or confirmed, whether you are looking for a gentle, dynamic, or spiritual practice, the choice of your type of yoga will not be the same. Between Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Bikram Yoga, and all the others, you will be spoilt for choice. Overview of the different yoga.

  • Hatha yoga: moon and sun, yin and yang... This method consists in gathering the most antipodal energies. Moreover, the other yogas have their origins within them. The principle: to seek balance and physiological and anatomical well-being, all at the same time. How? By adopting postures, studied to soften the joints, learn to place your breath, and gain concentration, while paying great attention to your gestures. This practice also aims to listen to oneself, and therefore to others. And with so many virtues, wouldn't Hatha yoga be the royal way of well-being?
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga: ultra-dynamic and energetic variant of Hatha yoga, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are followers! Its success is explained by its multiple therapeutic benefits. Based on synchronized breathing and movement, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga significantly improves cardio-respiratory faculties. The session is drawn into 3 stages: alignment of the body, cleansing of the nervous system, and work on flexibility. A very complete program that, in addition, sculpts the silhouette!
  • Vishranta yoga: need relaxation and softness? Vishranta yoga, very relaxing, is the method for you. While the body abandons itself with exercises on the ground, the mind remains awake. The student then becomes fully aware of the breath and sensations. It eliminates small ailments related to stress and regains absolute fullness.
  • Yin Yoga: very cocooning, Yin yoga is one of the yogas that relax. It is a gentle activity that combines stretching, breathing, and postures that must be held for several minutes. It allows you to find calm, to relax while working the fabrics in depth.
  • Iyengar yoga: neophytes, abstain! Based on 'asanas', postures, and 'pranayama, breath, this sports method requires a lot of rigor and a healthy lifestyle. It focuses on the alignment of the body. Foam blocks, chairs, and belts help to maintain oneself in different postures. The key is a breath that takes place naturally and a purification of the body, freed from toxins accumulated on a daily basis.
  • Vidyaa yoga: good for strengthening the mind, this practice allows you to refocus on yourself and stimulates concentration. On the program? Postures that follow one another on a soundtrack with fast but regular rhythms. A great way to learn how to gather your energies so as not to lose a crumb.
  • Yoga Nidra: In Sanskrit, the language of Indian culture, Yoga Nidra means the yoga of sleep. However, it requires a few years of practice... The principle? Infiltrate the state of unconsciousness of rest to stir up energy and display better vitality. How? With meditation sessions where letting go is required, to promote falling asleep.
  • Bikram yoga: a room heated to 40 ° C and no less than twenty-six postures to chain. The principle of Bikram yoga is simple: reconcile breath, movement, and heat to stimulate the evacuation of toxins. Originally, this method was dedicated to the simple stretching of the muscles. The practice in a heated room has made it very Caliente! Get ready to sweat!
  • Prenatal yoga: ideal for preparing for childbirth, this method has drawn from Hatha yoga the postures beneficial to the arrival of the baby. The movements evolve according to the moments of pregnancy. Based on breath control, prenatal yoga delivers the keys to giving birth as serenely as possible.
  • Facial yoga: the face is a particularly stressed area that deserves attention. It consists of a multitude of muscles that can be worked to relax and tone them. Thanks to exercises that can be done at home, we redraw the volumes, we enhance the cheekbones for a guaranteed lifting effect.

How to equip yourself to do yoga?

To fully enjoy your yoga session, it is important to be well equipped. Yoga mats, leggings, brassières, towel... Find the right accessories and clothes in our dedicated shopping.

Why does yoga make you lose weight?

Yoga is a multi-millennial discipline that aims to achieve a form of harmony between body and mind. By integrating it into your lifestyle, you learn to better control your emotions and manage your anxiety. Thus, we sleep better and we have less desire to throw ourselves on the food! There are many yogas that will help you sculpt your figure! For a toned and dynamic practice, you can learn Ashtanga, which uses muscles and endurance. The postures practiced in yoga make it possible to sheath the body and refine it.

  • If you want to overcome a small belly, adopt the position of the boat without delay. To achieve it, nothing could be simpler: sitting, legs tight and bent, leaning gently back, and holding the position to work your abdominals.
  • To solicit your entire figure, try the warrior posture. Left foot forward, place your right foot back, and flex your legs. Keep your back straight and extend your arms on either side of your body, keeping them well aligned with your shoulders.

Yoga classes tested by the Rédac'

Everyday yoga classes take place in the four corners of France. To find the studio or gym that will deliver the course adapted to your expectations (atmosphere, surface, coach, type of yoga ...), the Rédac' has tested the best addresses.