How to choose a modern hat that protects you from the heat of the sun?


 Wearing a textile canvas, cap, or hat on your head is almost as old as the world itself. Head coverings were even one of the main social markers just a few decades ago.

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In order to protect your ears from the cold, protect you from the wind or give a little more character to your outfit, the headgear has more than one trick up its sleeve! The styles are varied and numerous. Over time and following the trend of fashion, they have not stopped changing.

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Know that it is particularly trendy today to accessorize your outfit with a headdress.

Fortunately, the choice is unlimited to come and feed your inspiration!

What about you? Do you prefer hats, caps or soft hats?

Gain confidence

Beyond asserting a style, a sense of belonging and a personality, hats, and caps are accessories that considerably boost self-confidence and bring charisma.

Headgear can also be an ally against a kind of complex. Take off the masks, take off the hat!

For example, if you think your face is a little too round, we recommend that you opt for wide-brimmed hats or caps that are wide enough to make your face look slimmer, by contrast.

If you're short, high crowns would elongate your figure.

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Assert your identity

Wearing headgear is a statement of identity. In fact, the hat you wear reflects your principles, your attitude, and your belonging. It is also a way of affirming your origin, a profession, a movement.

For the more classic styles but in search of elegance, the fedora will fit like a glove.

For the cool and sporty, the baseball cap will be your ally during relaxing evenings with friends or to celebrate your team's victory.

Finally, for those who want to be refined, with an assertive charisma, the floppy hat is the choice par excellence. It has class and character.

On the contrary: Break the codes, balance your outfits

Over sandals/blouses, jogging shoes/sneakers, or wearing your ultra-stylish suit... Whatever your look, there will always be a hat to finish off your outfit for the day.

Spice up a shy outfit with a wide-brimmed Traveller, or add a touch of glamour to a casual look with a Trilby or a linen cap.

A hat will always crown your head with success and give you the confidence of a great day!

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While wearing a hat can help you adapt your look at once, you can also change the way you wear it: leaning back, the hat will draw attention, on the other hand, it's perfect for going unnoticed when you pull it forward or pair it with sunglasses.

A well-covered head

In its first function, the headgear guarantees good protection for the head! It is no longer a question of going out bareheaded!

Cap, hat, or bonnet: they provide excellent protection against extreme weather conditions. Placed on the head, around the ears, or on top of the forehead, each headgear has its purpose. Against cold, rain, sun, and wind, the quality of its protection depends on the shape and material.

Where to buy a man's hat?

Do you need a quality, designer hat to assert your identity and enhance your outfit? Are you wondering where to find a good hat? Then go to an online shop specialising in hat sales.  Visit a site, such as Chapelerie Traclet, to discover more than 1000 models of hats of great brands. You will find various models, such as top hats, trilby hats, fedora hats, cowboy hats, and traveller hats.

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Depending on the design you want to adopt, you can choose a classic and timeless hat. This hat can be worn on a daily basis and on any occasion. On cold winter days, a warm hat is a good choice. There is no shortage of choices: felt, wool or cashmere. And if you're wondering what hat to wear for summer activities, you can opt for a bob or a straw hat. All these models are available on a website specialising in hat sales. They come in various shapes and colours.

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The most popular brands include Stetson, Kangol, Borsalino, Soway, Crambes, and Traclet. What makes these brands special is that they emphasise the quality of their products. The hats they offer are designed and made from good quality, natural materials such as straw, wool, or cotton. These manufacturers also care about the design of their products. These are designed to enhance the wearer's outfit.

As far as the characteristics of the hat are concerned, you can choose a model that is UV-resistant and/or waterproof. You can also choose your hat according to the theme: spring hat, winter hat, rain hat, safari hat, adventurer hat, fishing and hunting hat, etc. Before buying from a website, make sure that the delivery is fast.