The facelift has long been one of the most frequent requests in cosmetic surgery, but the appearance of new techniques for hyaluronic acid injections has changed the situation. Still called liquid face lift or facelift by injections, it is an alternative facelift without surgery and with few consequences.

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The results are very good.

For a harmonious result, the overall treatment must therefore cover the entire face, with a facelift without operation with a natural rendering

Why have a global face treatment?

The practitioner's art is to make this facelift "invisible", in the sense that it must appear natural.

As much as possible, the medical procedure should be forgotten and unnoticed.

The objective of a global medical facelift is therefore to remove wrinkles, to recreate a clean and harmonious oval of the face, and to restore tension to the tissues. It is possible if the muscular relaxation is not too marked.

Consultation before a facelift by injections

The morphologist and anti-aging physician check that there is no marked relaxation of the tissues.

For example, significant dewlap in the neck cannot be treated by injections. The goal is to recreate harmony in a natural way, with a rejuvenated and expressive face.

What are the contraindications of liquid face lift?

They are rare, except for those related to signs of skin aging that are too marked, or the usual contraindications of hyaluronic acid.

The procedure of a non-surgical face lift

It is an intervention performed at the clinic, by injections. Depending on the protocol, they will be performed in one session or more often in several.

For a hyaluronic acid facelift

Whether it is hyaluronic acid injections (filler) or sometimes associated with botulinum toxin (expression lines), the protocol is the same.

Hyaluronic acid is sometimes associated with tissue inducers to induce a long-term remodeling of the dermis.

With the help of photos, the practitioner precisely locates the injection points on the face and marks them.

The art is to inject the right volumes at the right place, at the right depth, with the right hyaluronic acid, the right instrument (needle or cannula), and the right technique (bolus, fanning, retracing...). Botulinum toxin is injected intramuscularly, while hyaluronic acid is injected into the dermis, the hypodermis, or against the bone.

Depending on the protocol, the practitioner will thus take care of the volumes, the skeletonization of the face, the expressions, and the sagging of the oval of the face induced by skin slackening. The idea is to seek harmony, without forgetting that the entire face and its structures are dynamic and dependent on each other.

Duration of a facelift without surgery

A session can last from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of areas to be treated. It may be interesting to space out certain injections to judge their effect and then better adapt the following sessions.

Results of a medical facelift

It is necessary to wait for the disappearance of the microedemas to judge the definitive effects of hyaluronic acid, that is to say, no more than 2 weeks. Indeed, it is usual to observe during a few days slight edema, redness, and possibly ecchymosis.

When associated with a tissue inducer, it takes between 1 and 3 months for optimal dermal remodeling: this is what recreates skin tension over the long term, with natural synthesis of elastin and collagen. The skin becomes naturally supple, firm, and smooth.

An annual follow-up of the global facelift is then recommended, to keep a beautiful, youthful, and radiant face and thus perpetuate the result!