How to arrange a small room?


 A small room can be difficult to arrange. However, with a few tricks, it is quite possible to transform this room into a welcoming and pleasant place to live. All you have to do is set up suitable storage while playing on optical illusions so that your room looks more spacious. Here is the essential to know to optimize the layout of a small room.

Choose a bed that will save you space

The choice of bed is crucial in the layout of a small room. You need to be careful to choose a model with sufficient dimensions to ensure comfort, without taking up too much space in the room. Two types of beds are suitable for this purpose: the trundle bed and the mezzanine bed!

Trundle bed

The trundle bed is a model designed to offer maximum space saving to its user. It is functional and suitable for both children and adults. This is a single bed that you can turn into a double bed in a very short time. It integrates a drawer bed into its structure, which is ideal in a particularly narrow room.

If you decide to equip the room with a trundle bed, you need to choose a resistant and good-quality model. Ideally, opt for a bed that can withstand a maximum weight of 100 kilos. Also, pay attention to the roller displacement system. It should be easy to use to allow you to move the bed at any time.

In addition to value for money, the choice of a trundle bed for an adult room is based on several criteria. This is the reason why this model is available in several colors. When it comes to the material of manufacture, you have the choice between wood and metal. Whatever your preference, try to choose a certified eco-friendly bed.

Mezzanine bed

The adult loft bed is very convenient for a cramped room. It offers a very comfortable sleeping in height. You can also set up a relaxation area, storage, or a desk under the bed. In addition, depending on your needs, you have the choice between a mezzanine bed in 1 or 2 places.

The first point to consider when choosing a bed of this type is strength. The mezzanine model must be solid to guarantee the safety of its user. As such, it is recommended to buy a solid wood bed designed to support the weight of an adult. The second element that determines the choice of a bed is the decoration of the room for which it is intended. The mezzanine bed offers many possibilities in this sense.

In addition to the various colors available on the market, you can customize the space under the bed of this type of bed. Do not hesitate to:

  • add armchairs or a sofa to create a relaxation area,
  • place a daybed to receive guests,
  • Put a chair and a desk to set up a workspace.

Do you want to optimize storage in a small room? Do not hesitate to use the space under the loft bed to install a chiffonnier or a storage unit with dressers. Here too, the choice of an eco-responsible model is highly recommended.

Opt for light colors to give the impression that the room is larger

Light-colored homes look bigger than they actually are. Repainting your room is therefore a priority for a successful layout, especially if the current paintings are too dark.

Light shades reflect light to create an optical illusion in the room they decorate. As such, white is an essential color. It is, however, considered a neutral color. In addition, this choice is not suitable if you want to create an original atmosphere in your room. Blue and green are more suitable in this case, but make sure you don't choose shades that are too dark. Also opt for very soft shades of brown or beige such as ochre, linen, sand, vanilla beige, or greige.

In terms of light paintings, pastel tones are preferred. Feel free to choose shades of blue, yellow, or green and create contrast on the walls, floor, and ceiling of your room. If you appreciate the Scandinavian style, do not hesitate to use the codes to embellish your room. But how to use cold colors to create a sense of space in this room?


Start by applying the paints of your choice on the walls of the room. You can use a darker color on the wall near the head of the bed in order to get a warmer room. Curtains are to be banned from the room because they affect the brightness of this small room. However, you can place transparent and lightweight models if you care about this decorative element.

Another choice is obvious to you in the choice of paint to apply on the walls: matte or glossy? Glossy, satin, or lacquered shades are ideal for increasing the spacious side of the room, but you run the risk of reinforcing all the imperfections of the partitions. On the other hand, matte paints tend to shrink the room, because they do not reflect light. Wallpaper offers a good alternative to painting. Make a choice based on your decorating goals.

Ceiling paints

The ceiling also helps to give a spacious look to your rooms. The small room is no exception. Contrary to popular belief, the ceiling does not have to be white. To create a feeling of openness in the room, nothing beats a light color like beige, ice blue, and light gray.

The ceiling painted with a matte tint creates the illusion that the walls are higher in the room. It is recommended to choose an acrylic paint that is easy to apply and free of polluting solvents. This type of paint is also easy to clean at the end of the development work.

Use mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space

The small room looks more spacious if you bring in light. Daylight and sunlight play a big role in this, but sometimes natural light needs to be amplified. To do this, use mirrors cleverly.

Place a large mirror on one of the walls to visually enlarge the room and give it a bohemian feel. Depending on the design of the mirror, you can also create an industrial atmosphere. Facing the window, the mirror makes it possible to reflect daylight and play on perspectives to visually amplify the volume of the room.

Do you want to give the illusion that the small room is totally open? Hang a mirror on the door of this room! You also get an effective trompe-l'oeil by placing this accessory on the doors of a dressing room or wardrobe. To optimize the optical illusion, be sure to cover the entire door with the mirror. Finally, you can place a mirror on the ceiling to create a sense of escape in the bedroom. To further optimize the brightness of this room, add artificial lights on the wall or ceiling.