This Japanese Method Will Make You Lose 20 Kg


 Discover 4 wellness tips that come from Japan and that will help you lose 20 pounds! Pin the image below to one of your Pinterest boards so you always have it with you if needed.

Are you tired of following dozens of diets in the year and yo-yoing? Despite all the efforts made you can not reach your ideal weight goal ...

Sometimes starting a sports activity, even intensively, is not as effective as one might think. Decreasing the amount of sugar in your diet will certainly help, but it won't be enough. What is needed is to change your approach to body care.

One of the most surprising things a Japanese could teach you about hot baths is that they have the ability to promote weight loss.

In Japan, thin women eat rice and noodles without drinking water during the meal. While in the West, women practice intense sports activity, always having a bottle of water nearby and especially avoiding carbohydrates.

If you were told that walking could give you a better chance of having a slender body than a sustained workout, you'd probably find it hard to believe.

Unfortunately, with the human body, more effort is not synonymous with weight loss. On the contrary, knowing how to rest allows you to better know your body and its needs.

In the United States, for example, most people think that the only way to keep the line is to eat grilled chicken and steamed vegetables.

Why go to such lengths if you don't prepare for a sports competition? Eating cake and indulging yourself is possible while staying healthy. Here are 4 things to incorporate into your lifestyle to stay healthy by avoiding extreme situations.

1. Reasonable sport practice

If you train like a sumo wrestler, you'll end up looking like sumo!

A sumo wrestler does not eat breakfast and spends the whole morning training intensely. Then he has lunch, takes a nap in the afternoon, and repeats the same thing in the evening.

Similarly, if you exercise intensely, you may end up eating more than you need. You will certainly gain muscle, but you will add a layer of fat as well.

Hyperventilation is a danger that should be avoided when you practice a sports activity. Keep a calm breath to let your body know that everything is fine.

2. Keep your body warm

The concept of "Food energetics" is based on the energy provided according to the seasonality of food. Foods that grow during the summer period have refreshing properties and help your body acclimatize to the heat. Foods that grow in winter like root vegetables are known to warm the body.

Raw foods are commonly considered healthy for a diet. Salads, raw vegetables, and fruit-based smoothies are all detoxifying. On the other hand, if you abuse it you will quickly feel tired.

In Asia, we consume very little raw salad, or not at all because we want to keep our bodies warm. Sautéed vegetables, broths, and works are preferred.

3. Do not drink water with meals

In the United States, the majority of restaurants will offer you ice water. In the east, it is a non-existent practice because you prefer to keep your body warm.

In addition, the water slows digestion by neutralizing the pH of stomach acidity and complicates the breakdown of food.

In Japan, most people do not drink water during meals and choose to drink soup instead. It is also very common to drink hot tea after a meal.

In the West, all diets will push you to drink large amounts of water instead of consuming more hydrating foods.

Add soups to your meals, opt for steamed bread and eliminate dehydrators like caffeine and black tea. Staying hydrated is very important, but it is more interesting to consume hydrated foods than water during the meal.

4. Take hot baths

Hot baths not only relax muscles but can also improve blood circulation. Digestion is facilitated and detoxification is done through the pores.

The Japanese are used to taking "half-baths", that is, the bath water does not extend beyond the chest when sitting in the bathtub. Water above the level of the heart can exert pressure without anyone noticing.

Temperature also plays an important role as warm water will relax you before bed and you will find later that this ritual improves the quality of your sleep.

It is certain that these tips will seem strange to you if you have always been used to losing weight by absorbing fewer calories. Nevertheless, be open-minded and try to put them into practice maybe they will be more effective than the sports program you have been testing for months without results.