World Cup 2022 Samuel Eto'o, president of the Cameroonian Federation, hits a youtuber and then apologizes


 The scene took place in Doha, after a match between Brazil and South Korea.

A video showing former Cameroonian football star Samuel Eto'o hitting an Algerian YouTuber in the face went viral on social media on Tuesday (December 6th).

The footage shows the current president of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fécafoot) hitting a cameraman dryly in the face. The latter falls backward and is identified as Sadouni SM, with 66,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The scene takes place at the 974 stadium, at the exit of the eighth final Brazil-South Korea (4-1), Monday night. Brazilian fans in yellow jerseys can also be seen. At the beginning of the 57-second video, Eto'o, blue cap, gives selfies to fans before being challenged by the YouTuber, whose question is not distinguished, and going mad with rage. Eto'o was surrounded by several people who could not hold him back despite their efforts.

"I did all this for Algeria," Sadouni SM said Tuesday in a video in front of the camera. "I am at the police station for the investigation. We must share this video, as Eto'o is a personality I am afraid that they hide the file, but I trust the Qatari police, "continued the YouTuber in this video. The 'Indomitable Lions' had beaten, last March, the Algerians (2-1 a.p.) in a play-off match, which had opened the doors of this World Cup to Cameroonians to the detriment of the 'Fennecs'.

Eto'o "destroyed my camera and microphone, he hit me there [showing his chin]," he said. A Fécafoot official told AFP that the latter did not wish to react.

Eto'o publishes a letter of apology

On Tuesday, the former FC Barcelona striker apologized through a message posted on his networks. "I deeply regret losing my temper and reacting in a way that doesn't fit my personality. I apologize to the public for this regrettable incident," begins Eto'o, who does not address the victim of his blood stroke directly in his letter of apology.

Returning to the scenario of the elimination of Algeria by Cameroon on March 29, Eto'o said that he has since been "the target of insults and allegations of cheating without any foundation. During this World Cup, Cameroonian fans were harassed and bothered by Algerians on the same subject," he continued, before concluding: "To the supporters of the Fennecs, I express the calf that they find peace and manage to overcome the disappointment of a painful elimination but now behind us."