5 tips for choosing the right garden greenhouse


 The greenhouse is the gardener's ally. Plants are protected from climatic hazards. In this small building, there is a kind of microclimate, which prolongs the winter harvest and makes it possible to obtain fruits and vegetables earlier in the season. There are a number of things to consider when choosing a garden greenhouse that meets your own expectations.

Which model is right for you?

First of all, to choose the best garden greenhouse, you need to think about the model that best suits your needs. There are indeed several types.

Thus, your choice can be the traditional greenhouse. It is a fixed construction, which resembles a small house. Very bright, it can be equipped with blinds, to provide a little shade to the plants.

For its part, the tunnel greenhouse consists of large metal hoops, on which a very thin plastic film is placed. Light penetrates more, which promotes the early growth of plants. It can be equipped with a ventilation system.

Leaning against a wall, some greenhouses capture the heat of the sun better. Smaller, models are installed on a terrace or balcony. To advance the cultivation of certain vegetables, it is better to resort to a frame greenhouse, which is very small in size.

A question of temperature

Greenhouses are also distinguished by the temperature that prevails there. If you want to grow hardy plants, which are not afraid of fairly low temperatures, choose a cold greenhouse.

In this case, only solar heat, stored by the greenhouse, activates plant growth. On the other hand, the temperate greenhouse is equipped with a heating system. By keeping the ambient temperature at a certain level, it protects vulnerable plants from frost damage.

Good insulation and a thermostat system help maintain a constant temperature. Finally, the hot greenhouse, available in your online garden center, is designed for tropical plants, which only flourish in higher temperatures.

The materials of the structure

Another element to consider is the choice of materials. It is first necessary to look at the question of structures.

For the traditional greenhouse, some prefer wood, which fits better into the decor of the garden. It is also a good insulator. It is better to choose a species treated against weather and insects.

For its part, the tunnel greenhouse is provided with a metal structure. Galvanized steel is resistant and not susceptible to corrosion. As for aluminum, it is lighter and leaves more room for glazing.

What are the walls made of?

The walls of the greenhouse are sometimes coated with polycarbonate. He; It is a thin and light plastic, which stands out for its qualities of insulation and light filtration.

We can also use agricultural glass, which has the particularity of not yellowing over time. But tempered glass or polyethylene, a strong and resistant material, is also designed to dress the walls.

Greenhouse accessories

Before choosing them, it is necessary to pay attention to the regulations for the installation of a garden greenhouse. Beyond a certain surface, in fact, it is necessary to apply for planning permissions.

This precaution is taken, you can provide the greenhouse with a base, in order to tie it securely to the ground. It is often equipped with a ventilation system, by means of small windows for example. This aeration avoids overheating problems.

This is also the case for specific canvases that, during the warm season, provide welcome shade for the plants in the greenhouse. And you may have a soft spot for greenhouses equipped with an automatic watering device.